Driving Logic, a Florida Traffic School, Uses AI Technology to Help Drivers Reduce Traffic Ticket Fines

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., August 8, 2019 – ​​​​​​​​Billy Forte, a technology entrepreneur with 20 years of experience creating successful businesses with exceptional customer experiences, has launched Driving Logic, a 100% online Florida traffic school. This new, technology-based e-learning concept uses Microsoft Azure and AI (artificial intelligence) to deliver Driver Education.

Florida Traffic School Online

“Driving Logic delivers a solution based on automation and technology to reduce their driving tickets for Florida drivers,” Billy Forte, CEO and founder of Driving Logic said. “While there are other online schools, none are as automated, complete, and easy to use as Driving Logic. I created this new solution simply because no other driving school offered the flexibility that Floridians need and demand.”

Driving Logic offers the shortest courses allowed by law. This means that drivers can spend less time in school and get back to life sooner.

The school offers these courses on their Android and iOS apps so drivers can take their coursework with them and not be forced to sit in front of a computer.

“If you have limited free time and want to find a quick way to get traffic points dismissed,” Forte said, “this is the school. We’ve created a service that lets you meet the court’s requirements and remove driver’s license points faster than anyone else.”

For those who aren’t the best students, all the tests are open book and one can make unlimited attempts. The goal is for you to pass. In fact, Driving Logic has a 99.9% pass rate. They even offer a complete money-back guarantee for customers who aren’t satisfied or don’t get their points removed.

Driving Logic is ideal for drivers with:

  • Non-criminal minor traffic ticket issues
  • Court-appointed traffic school
  • At-fault vehicle accidents with injuries
  • Association with two accidents in a year
  • Course selection for insurance purposes

Students learn Florida traffic laws, guarded driving strategies, driving impaired, unfriendly driving conditions, and more. More information is available at Florida Traffic School Online.

“With a money-back guarantee, a low price guarantee, the shortest courses legally allowed, and a technology-based solution that’s mobile, Driving Logic is the single most effective way to reduce Florida traffic ticket fines and remove points from a driver’s license,” Forte said.

About Driving Logic: Driving Logic is an online, technology-based driving school that teaches Florida defensive driving skills. It provides courses that meet state requirements for court-appointed traffic education. Driving Logic is available online and on Google Play and in the Apple Appstore.

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