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Florida Traffic School - Questions and Answers

Is Driving Logic certified by the State of Florida?

Yes. All three courses are Florida DHSMV-approved. Tailored to specific requirements, the online defensive driving palette of courses is state-approved in Florida.

How Long Does the Florida Traffic School Course Take?

Depending on your requirements, the minimum invested time frame can be as little as 4 hours, for the Basic Driver Improvement Course. You do have the availability to stop and re-start at any time and re-visit modules for repeated readings. Any time invested besides the minimum required is totally up to you. The same applies to the Intermediate Driver Improvement Course (minimum 8 hours) and the Advanced Defensive Driving Course (12 hours), judge or court ordered.

How Do I Take the Course?

Any of the 3 courses we offer are available in a digital format. You complete it at home on your time. No classroom time needed! The information is structured as a textbook, enabling you to take notes and bookmark pages. All is designed to fit your learning style. And if you want to print it out, go ahead!

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Can I Take the Course on My Phone or Tablet?

Yes! We have constantly optimized our platform to fit any operating system.

Our course runs on Microsoft PC’s, MAC’s, Android or iOS Smartphones and Tablets. We are happy to announce we are one month away from releasing a brand-new app specially designed for this course.

Why Should I Choose an Online Course?

Some people enjoy the traditional classroom environment. They also perform better with guidance from a teacher/tutor and follow information faster on the hard-copy classic textbooks.

We know that. Therefore, we designed our courses to mimic the structure of a traditional course. But you get extra perks:

  • No commute to a classroom
  • No lessons after work
  • Easily accessible anywhere
  • At the tip of your finger anytime
  • Full support from our colleagues

How Do I Receive my Certificate of Completion?

Once you complete the course, your certificate is instantly available for download and print. We also send you a copy of your certificate by email if you are unable to print or save it at that moment.

Will I Get Discounts on My Fines Once I Complete the Course?

Effective January 1st, 2019, if you complete a BDIC you get a 9% discount on your citation amount. Visit the Florida Senate Website for full information.

All Driving Logic Courses Include:

Open Book Exam

Missed a note along the way? Our courses are open book so you can always reread or search through a previous topic.

Unlimited Attempts

You may retake the exams and quizzes as many times as you need. Our instructors are here to help if needed.

Guaranteed to Pass

We have a 99.9% success rate, but if you aren't happy then we aren't happy. We offer a money back guarantee.

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How Do I Tell the State that I’m Electing for Traffic School?

Once you receive your Certificate of Completion, you should file it to the court where your traffic fine was issued.

What are the Benefits of Taking any of Your Courses?

Taking any of our Florida-approved traffic school online courses gives you the following benefits:

  • No insurance premium increase
  • Your insurer cannot cancel your policy if you were not at fault
  • No penalty points added to your driving license
  • Maintain your Safe Driver Status

How Many Times Can I Take Your Courses?

You are allowed 5 total defensive driving or improvement courses in any driving schools, but just one each year.

Shortest Courses Available!

Can I Find Florida Traffic Laws Online?

Can I Speak to Someone at Driving Logic to Better Understand the Process?

Yes. Not only can you contact us over the phone, but we also ask you to. Information is essential. You probably made one mistake if you ended up on our website. Why make the second and not call us?

We have a team of professional colleagues ready to answer any questions about our courses, traffic court procedures, and Florida traffic regulations. We can guide you through the course modules and explain the test structure beforehand, so you dive in completely prepared to learn and ace your test from your first try.

How Can You Guarantee I’ll Pass the Test?

With a 99.9% success rate, we dare you to prove the contrary. Let’s say fail the first time. It happens. But with unlimited trials and no classroom pressure smothering you, we know you are more than ready to re-take it. And pass.

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