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how much is traffic school

How Much is Traffic School?

If you’ve landed yourself in a non-criminal driving violation situation, you are staring down a few options. You can either contest the conviction in court and claim that you didn’t do it, hoping to have the ticket thrown out; you can plead guilty, mail in the ticket, pay the fee, and take the points on your license; or you can complete a traffic school that will remove the points from your license so you are not staring at license revocation in the future. Obviously, completing traffic school makes the most sense for future violations, since gambling with a “thrown out […]

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Eligible for Online Traffic School Course

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible for Traffic School in Florida?

Sometimes, life catches up with you out on the road. Tickets can stack up, unfair calls can be made, and things out of your control can happen that require you to attend a traffic school. Don’t let the formality of the name fool you. A traffic school is simply a remedial course in road-traffic safety and safe driving practices that ensure our roads stay safe for everyone on them. In the U.S., these courses are offered as a way to get back on the road following an incident. So let’s start with the big question: how do I know if

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